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Development Alternatives has been designated as the ENVIS (Environmental Information System) node # 4, since 1984, by Union Ministry of Environment and Forests which is functioning as a National Focal Point of INFOTERRA/UNEP. Since 1984, ENVIS # 4 is globally linked to UNEP’s INFOTERRA which is a global environmental information system. INFOTERRA stimulates and supports exchange of environmental information within and between nations. To achieve
this objective, ENVIS # 4, has been assigned the task of collecting, organizing and dissemination of information, globally on “ Environmentally Sound and Appropriate Technologies (ESAT).

The ENVIS #4 at Development Alternatives has been actively involved in updating the existing databases and also creating new databases to retrieve knowledge, information and data instantly and efficiently to public, free of cost and in user-friendly way, during 2001-2002. A major function has been to answer over 3000 queries from appropriate technology designers , NGOs, research and academic institutions, business groups, government agencies, embassies and journalists from different parts of the world. Over 1000 persons, mainly professionals have visited ENVIS #4 and got library and information products and services. With the addition of 274 books and other useful documents, the total collection has gone up to 16,696. Besides this, 15 new periodicals are subscribed to and with this, total number of periodicals has gone up to 531. Other collection of ENVIS #4 includes - (1) 1271 maps and atlases; (2) 560 audio cassettes and (3) 512 video cassettes. To enrich the collection of the "Digital Library" which is a part of ENVIS #4, 140 CD-ROMs and diskettes were added. A Significant feature of ENVIS #4, during this period was that a majority of the visitors utilized reports and publications of Development Alternatives.

In view of further enhancing Library and information services to both public and to staff members of Development Alternatives, a new Library automation software, namely “Alice for Windows” has been installed recently.

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