Micro Concrete Roofing


Micro Concrete Roofing (MCR) is a cost-effective aesthetic and durable alternative sloping roof technology. MCR technology is a result of global research and development effort. The tiles are being marketed extensively in Latin America, East and West Africa and South East Asia, over forty million tiles are installed. In India, Development Alternatives, in technical collaboration with SKAT, Switzerland; introduced the technology under their building material program supported by SDC (Swiss Agency for Development and Co-operation). This technology has been widely excepted, with more than 250 production units currently in operation.

Brief production process
The mix of cement sand, aggregate and water is vibrated for about 45 seconds and then transferred on to a high impact polystyrene mould to give MCR tiles their unique profile. After initial setting for 24 hours, tiles are water cured for 7 days. This result in great strength and durability of MCR tiles.


Offer more value for money
Are highly durable –they have the life of concrete
Are lighter than other roofing tiles- allows cost saving on understructure
Can be easily installed
Can be easily dismantled and reused
Can be coloured to user’s preference
Reduce heat gain
Do not make noise during rains

Areas of Application
A variety of roof designs for farm and country houses, bungalows, verandahs and pavilions are possible with MCR tiles. They have also been used on industrial sheds, workshops and restaurants. MCR tiles offers much versatility for designers, architects and engineers to create a variety of roof forms.

Development Status


Technical Data

Annual production 120,000 tiles with a set of two machines (at full capacity) (200 tiles/machine/day)
Land requirement 60 m2 of covered working area 500 m2 (For raw materials, production, curing and stacking)
Electricity requirement 5.0 kVA
No.of jobs created 9 (1 supervisor, 2 skilled, 6 Unskilled)


Economic Data

Infrastructure  Rs 95,000/- (for workshop and office space)
Equipment   Rs 1,70,000 (for two machines, accessories)
Training and know how transfer Rs 15,000/-
Total (package with hydraulic machine) Rs 2,80,000/- (US$ 5,600)
These cost do not include cost of land, as it varies considerably from place to place)


MCR is highly profitable for micro and small scale building material producers. A capital investment of about Rs. 3 lakh offers a turnover of Rs 8,40,000/-, which yields profits upto 40% of the investment, within the first year of operations. The equipment is supplied by TARA (Technology and action for Rural Advancement), a leading sustainable technology marketing organisation.

Transfer forms

Equipment, Turnkey basis

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