TARA Charring and Briquetting Technology for Clean Fuel


TARA (Technology and Action for Rural advancement) offers a clean fuel technology, which converts waste biomass into valuable charcoal briquettes. The biomass resources suitable for this technology include woody species that grow prolifically on waste land such as ipomia, lantana, and even mustard stalk, cotton stalk, arhar stalk etc. The purpose of this process is to produce high quality, clean and standardized fuel from waste recovery.

Brief production process
The production process starts with harvesting of biomass; which is used as raw material. It is followed by chopping of this material. Then this material undergoes the process of pyrolysis, in which the woody raw material is fired and cooled in a controlled manner, resulting into production of char. The resultant char is ground to fine particles, mixed with suitable binder with appropriate quantity of water. Finally, this mixture is fed into the extruder to produce briquettes of required dimensions, with or without axial holes.

Areas of application
The briquettes are ideal for use in hotel industry, for barbecues, kilns and tandoors. Briquettes can be also used for a wide variety of end uses like : cooking, space heating, milk processing, cloth ironing etc.

Advantages of TARA Ferrocement channels

Clean fuel technology which gives energy efficient combustion and heating

Utilises waste biomass like ipomia, lantana

Environment friendly technology, as the biomass material are CO2 neutral

Easy ignition

Provides uniform burning

Standardised heat content

Reasonable price

Development Status


Technical Data

Annual production

120,000 kg Fuel briquette

Biomass requirements 1200 kg per day
Char production

300 kg per day

Briquettes production 400 kg per day
Land requirement 150m2 (including 75 m2 of covered space)
Electricity requirement 7.5 KVA
No.of jobs created 10 (1 Supervisor, 4 skilled, 5 unskilled)


Economic data

Infrastructure cost for office and workshop

Rs 60,000 (based on local conditions)
Equipment (Electric model)

Rs 1,22,70

Transportation and insurance (in India)

Rs 12,000
Installation and know how transfer

Rs 20,000

Total (cost of enterprise)

Rs 2,14,700/- (US$ 4300)

(These cost do not include cost of land, as it varies considerably from place to place)

TARA charring and briquetting fuel technology is highly profitable for micro and small scale entrepreneurs. A capital investment of about Rs.2.2 lakh results in an annual turnover of Rs 5,40,000/-, yields upto 20% recovery on the investment in the first year of operation. There are no raw material costs, the value addition is purely on account of manpower costs. The equipment is supplied by TARA (Technology and action for Rural Advancement), a leading sustainable technology marketing organisation.

Transfer form

Equipment,Turnkey basis

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