Vertical shaft brick kiln firing services


Current technologies for brick production such as clamps, down draught kilns and Bull’s trench kilns consume large quantities of fuel such as coal, firewood and other biomass. The devastating effect of the pollution caused by huge amount of emissions from the brick industry has attracted the attention of regulatory agencies who have issued deadlines after which the polluting kilns are "to clean up or close down". Vertical Shaft Brick kiln technology is an energy efficient, environment friendly and economically viable means to produce quality bricks.

During operation, one batch of dried green bricks is loaded at the top at a time. A weighed quantity of specific size coal is spread on each layer uniformly to fill the gaps. The brick unloading is done from the bottom using a trolley which runs on rails along the length of the unloading tunnel. Lifting and lowering of the trolley is done using single screw unloading mechanism. For unloading, the trolley is lifted so that the whole stack of bricks in the shaft rests on it. The stack is then lowered till the layer with openings appears, through which the support bars are reinserted. On further lowering, the load of the stack is taken by the support bars except for the batch being unloaded which comes down along with the trolley which finally rests on a pair of rails. The trolley is later pulled out along the rails and the bricks subsequently unloaded. The frequency of unloading – loading varies from 90 to 150 minutes.


The skill in operation is to keep the firing zone in the middle of the shaft. The draught of air moving up from the bottom cools the fired bricks in the cooling zone and itself gets heated. Maximum temperatures of up to 10000C are attained in the central firing zone. The hot gasses moving upwards dry and heat up the green bricks in the preheating zone. This recovery of sensible heat, accounts for the high energy efficiency of the VSBK technology.

           Firing of regular and matrix size bricks and also brick tiles.


High energy efficiency and less polluting emissions
Better quality bricks compared to clamps
Round the year operation, subject to availability of green bricks
Flexibility in volume of production
Highly suitable where part of fuel is traditionally mixed with clay
Minimal maintenance requirements

Fully commercialized

Different shaft size can produce bricks ranging from 2500 to 5500 per day per shaft

Shaft size Production/day/shaft
1.0 m x 1.0 m 2500
1.0 m x 1.5 m 3500
1.0 m x 2.0 m 5000
1.25 m x 1.75 m 5500

External fuel consumption ranging between 5 to 8 tonnes per lakh bricks

Two shafts of any size can be operated by 8 – 12 workers easily. Firing costs varies between Rs. 70 to Rs. 90 per thousand depending on the expertise of firing team.

VSBK Service Centre has a group of trained fire masters and engineers. They are fully capable of handling any type of critical firing situations.

Process and turn key basis.

VSBK firing initialization and stabilization charges are Rs. 5,000 per shaft.


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