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Brick makers are faced with the challenges of producing bricks of satisfactory quality efficiently, economically and sustainably with particular regards to mitigating environmental change. Current technologies for brick production such as clamps, down draught kilns and BTK’s consume large quantities of fuel such as coal, firewood and other biomass. The devastating effect of the pollution caused by huge amount of emissions from the brick industry has attracted the attention of regulatory agencies who have issued deadlines after which the polluting kilns are "to clean up or close down".

Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln technology is an energy efficient, environment friendly and economically viable means to produce quality bricks. This technology was introduced to India at a pilot scale in 1996 and presently 20 kilns are operational. It essentially consists of one or more rectangular, vertical shafts within the kiln structure. Rectangular arrays of dried green bricks and crushed fuel (coal) are carefully stacked into batches, which are loaded into the shaft from the top and finally batches of fired clay bricks are removed from the bottom end. During this process, the batches of bricks pass through the pre-heating, firing and cooling zones before they reach the shaft exit.

In many developing countries training programme are offered to young people in making them more employable or helping them to become self employed. This emphasizes the need for large-scale, organized efforts to develop technical and entrepreneurial skills in unemployed youth, aiming to make them active and productive units of society. Generally, there is better recognition of training among the business enterprises as it addresses their prime concerns of optimizing the performance of the staff and enhancing productivity. Training also offers them a possibility to keep abreast with the latest developments in the fields of technology and management. This helps them to respond effectively to competition.

Training is a process with clearly defined parameters. Activities and events are arranged in such a way that there is a perceptible forward movement. The entire process is underpinned by learning objectives. Training can also be seen as a process of empowerment of the participants. Empowering also means fostering a sense of commitment and infusing an urge in the participants for subsequent action, on the basis of learning acquired during the programme.

During a training programme, participants are not offered a package of ready made solutions or responses to problems or situations that an individual encounters in real life settings. It gives them insights into different dimensions of these situations or problems. It aims to develop within oneself the capability to formulate appropriate responses through a process of perception, understanding and analysis.


Trainings at VSBK Service Centre are offered in the following areas:

Green brick moulding
Extruder operation
Soil, fuel and fired brick testing
VSBK kiln construction
VSBK firing
Need based requirement

Brick production through vertical shaft brick kiln technology.

Fully commercialized.

Trainings are arranged as per requirement. In addition to the above VSBK training calendars are published every year in January.

VSBK Service Centre has a group of trained fire masters and engineers. They are fully capable of imparting training in the above mentioned areas.

Training fees in each area are Rs. 2000 per participant except kiln construction. Kiln construction training is Rs. 5000 per participants. Lodging and boarding are to be borne by participants.


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