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ESAT Reports

Year Bibliographical  description
1983 Organisational blue print: The Himalayan Institute for Environment and  Development 
1983 Task force I of the Eighth Plan Steering Group on environment, forests  and wasteland
1984 Conservation for a sustainable development
1984 Development Alternatives-a profile 
1984 A programme for Action on Low Cost Shelter
1984 Need specification survey for women in the Central Himalayan Region
1985 Alternatives to national conservation strategies 
1985 Design and fabrication of paper making machine 
1985 Calculations and design aspects of natural convection solar dryer 
1985 Low cost housing for construction workers in Mansarovar, Jaipur,  Rajasthan 
1985 Designing a rural product: The TARA Balram mud block press 
1985 Study of properties and behavior of soil and testing for mud blocks 
1985 Design and fabrication of technologies for roofing and building  materials
1986 Environmental assessment of three soapstone mines in the Kapkot block  of District Almora, Uttar Pradesh, India [Reports]
1986 Sustainable development and people [Reports]
1986 Alternative strategies for renewable energy technologies 
1986 State of Art Report on Fiber Concrete Roofing
1986 Potential User Water Hyacinth as a Construction Material -A Report
1986 Alternative technologies for low cost housing 
1986 Manufacture of improved manual and animal operated agricultural  equipments and machinery
1986 The landscaped of design-a transcultural view 
1986 Shelter in rural India: The role of appropriate technologies and local  enterprise
1986 Design and fabrication of Hopper-Filler
1987 Population and environment 
1987 Rationalization of serial holdings in special libraries 
1987 Science and Technology Newsletter: A survey report 
1987 On-line services-a concept test cum feasibility study 
1987 Setting up of a handloom marketing operation in the Pilakhuwa  district, Uttar Pradesh
1987 Alternatives strategies for rural marketing 
1987 Formulating market research problems-a gestalt approach 
1987 Strategies for mass dissemination of stoves
1987 Evaluation of sites and services projects in India
1987 Integrated energy settlement-workers housing project for MRL, Manali,  Tamilnadu
1987 Building a house: The rural dimension to housing 
1987 Rural primary school construction under operation  blackboard-background document 
1987 Mud Architecture
1987 Low cost house construction for the Rajasthan Dairy Development Board,  Jaipur-a feasibility reports
1987 Cover the Earth: Plasters for soil block buildings
1987 The manufacture of appropriate technology products 
1987 Innovation in the Third World: Technological and institutional  innovation for the manufacturing and mass marketing of products for the poor 
1988 Environmentally sound and appropriate technologies: A synthesis report 
1988 Addendum to options and strategy for bonded labour rehabilitation 
1988 Kalahandi social forestry project: Report and recommendations 
1988 Evaluation of the programme on drinking water for the millions. [Reports]
1988 Socio-economic environmental assessment TFL Babrala project, Phase I 
1988 Options and strategy for bonded labour rehabilitation (Work plans) 
1988 Rehabilitation plan for the bonded laborers of Deogarh and Dumka  districts, Bihar
1988 Bihar state of environment studies
1988 Delhi-an environmental profile
1988 Hinduja Foundation programme on drinking water for the Millions (Phase  1)
1988 Redesigning society: The socio-economic and political imperatives of  biosphere stability
1988 Preliminary survey of selected areas of the Yamuna River at New Delhi
1988 Hydro geological and geophysical survey in 4 villages of Shahpura  Panchayat Samiti and 6 villages of Chaksu Panchayat Samiti, District  Jaipur, Rajasthan 
1988 Decision support systems for sustainable development  
1988 Nehru Kala Kunj : project report
1988 Integrated rural energy plan for Soreng subdivision, West district,  Sikkim-Phase II 
1988 Mud village national demonstration project
1988 Alternative Strategies for developing and delivering low cost Shelter  technologies [Reports]
1988 Alternative strategies for developing and delivering low cost rural  technologies [Reports]
1988 Alternative strategies for developing and delivering low cost shelter  technologies [Reports]
1988 Grassroots application of science and technology for sustainable  development: The role of independent sector [Report]
1988 Status report on improved textile technologies-the TARA loom and the  improved TARA pirn winder
1988 Modernisation of village level textile technologies
1988 Low-cost appropriate textiles technologies for the weaker sections [Reports]
1989 Common property resource management study in Khairi-Ka-Khala and Balad  Nadi watersheds, Himachal Pradesh [Reports]
1989 Common property resource management study in Ramkot and Dudhganga  watersheds, Jammu and Kashmir [Reports]
1989 Common property resource management study in Ajmer and Jodhpur Districts Rajasthan
1989 Common property resource management study in Phulbani District, Orissa [Reports]
1989 Survey report on energy use in nineteen villages selected for Urjagram  programme in Singhbhum District, Bihar [Reports]
1989 Common property resource management studies in Himachal Pradesh, Jammu  and Kashmir, Rajasthan and Orissa a synthesis report
1989 NGOs in selected areas of Gujarat-an assessment [Reports]
1989 State of environment in Bihar [Reports]
1989 Natural forest regeneration on iron mines in Bihar, India 
1989 Environment and development
1989 Entrepreneurial approaches to environmentally sound development [Reports]
1989 Human dimensions of global change: Opportunities and choices [Reports]
1989 Adaptive approach to district planning-the case of Bahraich [Reports]
1989 Status of the food processing industry in Northern India 
1989 Technological innovations and tribal development: A need specification  study on plains tribes of Assam
1989 Technological innovations and tribal development: A need specification  study on plains tribes of Assam [Reports]
1989 Sorghum: Report on market research study in Andhra Pradesh [Reports]
1989 Documentation of the production process for handmade paper at  Charusheela papers, Pune
1989 Redefining the rural housing problem [Reports]
1989 Rapid appraisal of the performance of the Indra Awas Yojana in  selected villages of Haryana and UP
1989 Need identification survey of village potters and concept testing of  fired clay production in Barelly, Badaum and Jhansi, U.P.
1989 Energy conscious building design in India
1989 Market study of handlooms at Banglore, Panipat and Varanasi for  providing design inputs to a new Jacquard 
1990 Economic implications for developing countries of the Montreal Protocol [Reports] / study undertaken for the UN environment programme on the assumptions and methodologies for 
1990 Earth Day -1990 [Reports]
1990 Environmental management plan-TISCO Iron Ore Mine, Joda East, Orissa [Reports]
1990 Integrated development of wastelands at the village level on a  watershed basis in Datia District, Madhya Pradesh. Volume III [Reports]
1990 Integrated development of wastelands at the village level on a  watershed basis in Datia District, Madhya Pradesh. Volume I [Reports]
1990 Integrated development of wastelands at the village level on a  watershed basis in Datia District, Madhya Pradesh, Volume II [Reports]
1990 Real economy of Delhi [Reports]
1990 Delhi Urban Arts Commission (DUAC): Strategies and impact [Reports
1990 Integrated rural energy planning for Geyzing Sub-Division, West  District, Sikkim. Phase - III
1990 Role of the independent sector in appropriate technology 
1990 Documentation of the production process for handmade paper at the  HMPI, Pune [Reports]
1990 Documentation of the production process for handmade paper at  Srinivasa papers, Karimnagar
1990 Documentation of production process for the handmade paper production  centre at Khadi and Village Industries Board HMPC, Kalpi-Jalon, U.P.
1990 Development of low cost Housing Packages-CAPART Rural Housing (Final Report)
1990 Fiber Concrete Roofing (FCR) micro concrete (MCR) roofing equipment
1990 Fired clay technology for low cost housing and local employment  generation [Reports]
1990 Evaluation of the functional efficiency of the TARA Loom as compared  to a conventional loom
1991 India: Environmental priorities-a framework for donor assistance [Reports]
1991 Environmental management at the grassroots [Reports]
1991 Report for the National Commission for Rural Labour Study Group on technology  development and strategy for rural labour [Reports]
1991 Community based management of natural resources [Reports
1991 Technology options for Jalahally operational, Raichur district,  Karnataka [Reports]
1991 Farmers participation externally catalyzed irrigation system: The case  of Johads [Reports]
1991 Approach to environmental restoration-a management perspective: TISCO  Iron Ore Mines, Noamundi, Bihar [Reports]
1991 Sustainable development programme Palni Hills, Tamil Nadu,  India-planning for intervention in the Palnis [Reports]
1991 Global climate change: Energy and emission from energy intensive  building material in India [Reports]
1991 Perspective programme 2000: Feedback report from Strategic Planning  Workshop held in Delhi from September 02-04, 1991
1991 Handmade paper: The technology and production [Reports]
1991 Reconnaissance survey of North Bengal and appraisal of energy options  for West Bengal [Reports]
1991 Sub regional centre for micro concrete roofing: Project report (Ist  March 91' to 31st October
1991 Evaluation of thermal performance of building systems [Reports]
1991 Comparative analysis of plasters for soil block walls [Reports]
1991 Industrial housing at Jejury for Indian Seamless Steel Alloys Ltd [Reports]
1991 Interim report to SDC/ FAS on phase III-B of the establishment of South Asian regional centre for fiber concrete roofing [Reports]
1992 Employment through forestry activities in Rajasthan: A project  appraisal [Reports] / Report of the preliminary apprisal mission submitted to the World food programme
1992 Natural resource inventory for integrated development planning in  Datia District, Madhya Pradesh [Reports]
1992 Community based water management systems: A directory [Reports]
1992 District development strategy, Datia. Part-I: Diagnosis and synthesis  of issues [Reports]
1992 Community based water management systems: An overview [Reports]
1992 Land resources assessment in parts of Badaun and Moradabad districts  using remotely sensed data [Reports]
1992 A Communication Package on Information Needs for District Planning
1992 Environmental assessment for mining industries in India 
1992 Utilization of wilderness in Wandoor: A village in South Andaman;  problems and prospects [Reports]
1992 Sustainable community development at Gajraula: A feasibility study [Reports]
1992 Ozone and solar UV-B over India: A research effort towards IPCC and  Montreal Protocol Processes [Reports]
1992 CFCs and UV-B: Implications of Montreal Protocol with  particular  reference to India and other developing countries [Reports]
1992 Livestock and fodder management issues in Madhya Pradesh: An  evaluation of options [Reports]
1992 Sustainable development programme Pilani hills, Tamilnadu, India: planning for interventions in the Palinis,  [Reports]
1992 Assessment of the prospects for introduction of improved cook stoves  and commercial/industrial, stoves in Bangladesh (Survey, analysis and market potential)
1992 Evaluation report on the working of field production centres of micro  concrete roofing tiles in India report
1992 Documentation on Development Alternatives Headquarters Building [Reports]
1992 Utilization of biomass for roofing applications [Reports]
1992 Utilization of press mud as a compacted masonry unit [Reports]
1992 A Report on Sensitivity Analysis for MCR Tiles
1992 Utilization of press mud as a compacted masonry unit [Reports]
1992 Utilization of Flyash as a building material [Reports]
1992 Workshop facility for Sushant School of Art and Architecture: A  project report [Reports]
1992 SDA report :Report to the annual general body an the governing council during the period 
1992 Marketing of micro concrete roofing technology in India through development of micro enterprises, Phase I
1992 Science and technology for sustainable development [Reports]
1993 PCED public hearings on environment and development [Reports] / synthesis report 
1993 Recycling: A natural response to India's solid waste problems 
1993 Programme for supply of improved tool kits to rural Artisans: An  evaluation report [
1993 Improving the status of scheduled caste population in Joura block,  Morena, Madhya Pradesh-a rapid assessment [Reports]
1993 Ozone depletion and Montreal Protocol on substances depleting ozon  layer [Reports]
1993 Water works: Children's water festival (English)
1993 Jal Jaankari: Bal Jal Mahotsava (Hindi) [Reports]
1993 Participatory natural resource management: Operative issues 
1993 Conservation of biodiversity through biomass based micro-enterprises:  A model programme in the Bundelkhand region of Central India [Reports]
1993 Citizen's guide to Delhi's Water [Reports]
1993 Human resources development: The professional and sustainable  development [Reports]
1993 Income generation for women through a handmade paper production  centre: Phase III [Reports]
1993 Building with compressed earth blocks [Reports]
1993 Local building systems and present trends in Wandoor-a village in  South Andaman
1993 Analysis and design of ferrocement rafters [Reports]
1993 Energy quantification of ordinary portland cement [Reports]
1993 Costing of micro concrete roofing tile and promotion of its  micro-enterprises [Reports]
1993 Ferrocement understructure for micro-concrete roof [Reports]
1993 Marketing of micro-concrete roofing technology in India through  development of micro enterprises at Development Alternatives: Mission report
1993 Feasibility study for a campus of social welfare, Rajpura, Punjab [Reports]
1993 Energy in building materials: Lime and bricks [Reports]
1993 Design and feasibility study for Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Banda, U.P. [Reports]
1994 Sustainable Development Network-India: a feasibility study [Reports]
1994 Impact of mining on socio-economic environment of local  communities-Rajmahal A2 OCP
1994 State of the art report on vermiculture in India 
1994 Animal activity package [Reports]
1994 Independent sector organizations and the new partnerships for  sustainable national development [Reports]
1994 Wastewater treatment plant design for the handmade paper production  centre, T.N.K. 
1994 Independent Rural Power Producer procedures (IRPP) : an instrument to  promote sustainable rural Development Reports
1994 Research programme on energy in building materials-interim report [Reports]
1994 Energy efficiency measures for the office of Alliance Francoise,  Chandigarh [Reports]
1994 Rapid appraisal of building systems in the Newari block of District  Tikamgarh, Madhya Pradesh
1994 Statistical analysis on engineering parameters which evaluate the  performance of compressed earth block
1994 Development of rural micro-enterprise: Phase I report [Reports]
1994 Feasibility studies on colored MCR tiles [Reports]
1994 Energy in building materials [Reports]
1994 Use of volcanic ash in micro concrete roofing tiles [Reports]
1995 Joint implementation in the context of the United Nations: Framework  convention on climate change-New Delhi Statement [Reports]
1995 Environment and social report of Infrastructure Leasing and Financial  Services Ltd., India-draft report [Reports]
1995 Environmental and Social report 
1995 Design of treatement plant for hand made paper unit
1995 Training capacity of NGOs in participatory planning: An assessment [Reports]
1995 Wardha valley coal mines project: An impact study [Reports]
1995 Participatory forest management by NGOs in Uttaranchal: An assessment [Reports]
1995 Approach to pollution prevention in electroplating sector [Reports] / Capacity building for the urban environment: a comparative training and expiree
1995 Planning, design and construction of a wastewater treatement system for the Handmade paper factory at the TNK
1995 An approach to polarization prevention in electroplating sector: capacity building for the urban environment: a comparative research, training an experience exchange project
1995 The real issues of solar energy in India [Reports]
1995 Incremental design in public housing 
1995 Sustainable building material production: Towards an implementation  strategy [Reports]
1995 Existing building practices among Santhal and Kolha tribals living on  the outskirts of the Simplipal Wildlife Sanctuary reports
1995 Decision support package for selection of building technologies [Reports]
1995 Ferrocement raw material characterization for Jhansi region and  flexural tests conducted on forrocement sections reports
1995 Utilization of pressmud as a compacted masonry unit [Reports]
1995 Understanding rural building systems in India: Building practices and  delivery processes in rural Bandelkhand
1995 Review of the Indira Awaas Yojna : report of the pilot study  
1995 Characterization of ferrocement matrix Delhi Region)
1995 Marketing of micro concrete roofing tiles: market research data collection analysis and documentation of sales by existing MCR entepreneurs 
1996 Design of an effluent treatment plant for a dying unit: A case study [Reports]
1996 Biomass based micro-enterprises: A feasibility study for Bundelkhand [Reports]
1996 Short listing of NTFPs for preparation of business plan
1996 Environmental assessment in bulls trench brick kilns [Reports]
1996 Assessment of household food security and impact of WFP food aid in  Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. Volume I: Overview [Reports]
1996 Assessment of household food security and impact of WFP food aid in  Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. Volume II: Madhya Pradesh [Reports]
1996 Assessment of household food security and impact of WFP food aid in  Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. Volume III: Uttar Pradesh [Reports]
1996 Policies to promote cleaner production: Indian perspective [Reports]
1996 Feasibility study of treatment for textile dyeing unit at TARA Factory [Reports]
1996 Global Climate Change (GCC) and policy options for reducing greenhouse  gas emissions with particular reference to India [Reports]
1996 Integrated mission for sustainable development: Chiknayakanhalli  Taluk, Tumkur District, Karnataka State- volume I [Reports]
1996 Integrated mission for sustainable development: Report on the soils of  Chiknayakanhalli Taluk, Tumkur District, Karnataka State- Volume II [Reports]
1996 Environmental and social information package for borrowers of TNUIFSL  loans (Final draft) [Reports]
1996 Environmental and social report (ESR) of Tamil Nadu Urban  Infrastructure Financial Services Limited [Reports]
1996 Market research for technologies in rural India [Reports]
1996 Independent sector organisations in India and the Earth Summit [Reports]
1996 Construction practices of Kandh tribals in District Rayagada, Orissa:  Phase I [Reports]
1996 Development of the FC vibration trolley [Reports]
1996 Marketing & Potential Study Micro Concrete Roofing Tiles October 1996 [Reports]
1996 Report on upgrading the decision support package for selection of building technologies
1996 Sustainable livelihoods through energy enterprises: technology choice and dissemination for Jhansi District, UP
1997 Environmental and social policy and procedures (ESPP) Vol. II  Attachments [Reports]
1997 Designing for sustainable tourism [Reports]
1997 Global climate change: Energy and emission from energy intensive  building material in India [Reports]
1997 Short listing of potential income generating packages
1997 Environment assessment of vertical shaft brick kiln [Reports]
1997 Land resources assessment for integrated management in Tumkur  District, Karnataka [Reports]
1997 Assessment of household food security and impact of WFP Food Aid in  Bihar and Orissa: Volume 1- Bihar [Reports]
1997 Reconnaissance visit to the Gandamardhan and Malangtoli Iron Mines,  Keonjhar, Orissa [Reports]
1997 Construction practices of Kandh Tribals technological alternatives for  upgrading shelter in, District Rayagada, Orissa: Phase II [reports]
1997 Selection of income generating construction technologies in  Cherrapunjee, District East Khansi Hills, Meghalaya 
1997 Construction practices in Tebrongiri, District West Garo Hills,  Meghalaya [Reports]
1997 Evaluation of R.C.C. door and window frames and determination of  techno-economic parameters
1997 Taragram, Orchha: A sustainable training village [Reports]
1997 Micro concrete roofing technology: Project report for financing of  enterprises [Reports]
1997 Design, development and testing of FC production equipments [Reports]
1997 MCR Market Development Status & Strategies "Market Aspects" September 1997 [Reports]
1997 Interim report for Shramjivi Unnayan: Shelter Sutra , Bihar 1
1997 Assessment of household food security and impact of WFP food aid in Bihar and Orissa, Vol II
1997 Micro concrete roofing technology in India; DA-SDC project evaluation report 
1997 MCR market development status and stretegies "Market aspects" 
1997 Marketing of micro concrete roofing technology in India through development of micro enterprises, Phase II 
1998 Centrally sponsored scheme for the development of protected area: An  evaluation of its impact in four PAs in the North Zone [Reports]
1998 Conservation assessment and planning for a Tannin Extraction Enterprise [Reports]
1998 India's role in the Post Kyoto Regime [Reports]
1998 Policies and measures for addressing climate change in developing  countries with particular reference to India [Reports]
1998 Social Assessment and Management Plan (SAMP) of Baranj Coal Mining  Project [Reports]
1998 Air pollution monitoring report [Reports] / Envirotech centre for research and development 
1998 Ring pooled research on sustainable livelihoods [Reports]
1998 Development Alternatives Information Network (DAINET): Design and  development phase [Reports]
1998 Azadpura rural housing program [Reports]
1998 Technology alternatives to optimize the cost of C.R.T.D.P. Polytechnic  at Fetri, outside Nagpur
1998 Appropriate building materials and construction systems for primary  school in Bangalore Rural
1998 Ecological, Social, Technological, Financial Rating Document TA3.2- Action Research Programme for Sustainable Production Systems [Reports]
1998 Influencing livelihood systems: delivery of improved shelter
1998 Establishment of a sustainable micro concrete roofing technology business network in India "The pre large scale dissmination phase"
1999 Delhi Environment Action Network: Progress report February-May 1999 [Reports]
1999 Check Dam Assessment study: Final report [Reports]
1999 Strategy for environmental planning-TISCO Manganese, Mines, Malda,  Orissa [Reports]
1999 Systems assessment of Dasudi Gram Panchayat [Reports]
1999 Measuring sustainable development: A discussion paper on Development  Alternatives' experience [Reports]
1999 Water purification technology [Reports]
1999 Sustainable livelihoods: The one point agenda for Planetary survival [Reports]
1999 Management of spent batteries [Reports]
1999 Of Kalandars, Madaris and Saperas: Impact of Wildlife Legislation on  Livelihood 
1999 Study of the Status of the Legal, Political, Technical/Environmental  and Industrial situation of Three-Wheeler, Auto-Rickshaws and low Pollution Vehicles in India
1999 Measuring progress toward sustainable development in Indian climate  change mitigation projects
1999 Reclassification of Household Food Security Data for MP, UP, Bihar and  Orissa [Reports]
1999 Selection and Preparatory Study for Concentrated Village Development  in Madhya Pradesh (Final Draft Report) [Reports]
1999 Environment assessment of vertical shaft brick kiln-Pune [Reports]
1999 A Summary Report: Environmental Assessment of VSBK - DATIA, Kankia, Palghat and Pune May 1996 to 1999 [Reports]
1999 Evaluation of thermal performance of BMTPC sponsored ferrocement  demonstration-cum-training Centre at Tara Nirman Kendra reports
1999 Marketing report on micro concrete roofing tiles of the Behind, Etawah  and Dehradun Region
1999 Report on micro concrete roofing technology in India 1999 
1999 MCR Workstation-a work study [Reports]
1999 New generation of cement based building products: key to new rural and urban markets
2000 Technologies for efficient management of municipal solid waste:  Project report [Reports]
2000 Process monitoring study: Final report [Reports]
2000 Participation of CLEAN-India in the Global Environmental Youth  Convention, Sweden, 15-19 June 2000- A Report 
2000 Climate change mitigation projects in India: Incorporating sustainable  development concerns- Policy recommendation to the Government of India [Report]
2000 Southern perspectives of climate change: India [Reports]
2000 Environmental status report of Indian hotel industry (Substantive  report) [Reports]
2000 Confronting climate change: Economic priorities and climate protection  in developing nations; a case study of India [Reports]
2000 State of the environment South Asia 2000
2000 Cement in service of the nations [Reports]
2000 Backstopping report on market an denterprise promotion BMP India on April/ May 2000 
2000 Financial feasibility report for micro concrete roofing tile unit(Single machine unit) 
2001 The internet enabled marketplace: business plan
2002 Energy & Environment benchmark manual for Hotels: benchmarking overview and users' guide
2002 Environmental Management System ISO 14001 in Urban Local Bodies & Township / ESB, Development Alternatives
2002 Environmental Management System ISO 14001 in Hotel Industry [Reports] / ESB, Development Alternatives
2002 Climate Change and Sustainable Development: Development Alternatives Initiative
2002 A Roadmap for Climate Change Mitigation Project Development [Reports] / Climate Change Centre, Development Alternatives
2002 Water Watch Module for CLEAN-India NGO Partners [Reports] / CLEAN, Development Alternatives
2002 Towards a World Bank Country Water Resources Assistance Strategy: Water and Environmental Sustainability
2002 Coordination of CAN Activities & Participation of Southern NGOs in CoP8 [Reports]
2002 CARE - DA Training Cum Production Centre for Hand made Paper Products  / TSB, Development Alternatives
2002 Ashraya Core House Construction Program - Phase 1 - Implementation report [Reports] / TSB, Development Alternatives
2002 Building Materials Project - A report
2002 Enterprise Multiplication by Rockefeller Revolving Fund Micro Concrete Roofing Technology [Reports] 
2003 Energy & Transformation Sector Inventory - Brick & Cement Sub-sectors in India [Reports] / ESB, Development Alternatives
2003 Public health and legal aspects of uncontrolled industrial combustion of rice husk [Reports] / Submitted to Phoenix agri-sillica corporation Ottawa, Canada
2003 impact of clean techniology on rice husk combustion and public health: an impact assessment survey instrument  [Reports] / Submitted to Phoenix Agri-Silica corporation ottawa, Canada
2003 Natonal Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP) Environmentally friendly and alternative technologies-sub themetic reviews
2004 Study of Effectiveness and User Acceptance of Activated Alumina Based Hand Pumps: Attached and Domestic Defluoridation Units (RFP 100/2004) in Four Districts of Rajasthan
2004 Framework for Promoting Decentralized Biomass Based Energy Systems in South Asia 
2004 Corporate Social Responsibility in India & The Role of the ISO in Development Standards for CSR [Reports]
2004 Cleaner Production in Stone Crushing Industry - Tikamgarh district Final Report [Reports]
2004 PACS Baseline Study [Reports]
2004 CDM - Project Design Document Energy Efficiency Initiatives at The Lotus Suites & Hotal Orchid, Mumbai
2004 South Asia Regional Initiative for Energy Small Grants Program
2004 Models of domestic solid waste management in Gwalior 
2004 Capacity building consultancy for domestic defluoridation units: situation analysis report [
2004 Prototyping of the improved cook stove and solar heater designed by appropriate technology Asia
2004 Kathmandu Nepal visit: mission report
2004 Priority paper on sustainable development  for South Asia 
2004 Vidhut Chalit Edhan Koyla Chaki Grainder Machen [Reports]
2004 Technical Study of Haats In Assam A Report [Reports]
2004 Training on Charring & Briquetting System by ARTI (PUNE) [Reports]
2004 Water Boiling Tests TARAshakti Cook Stoves (Analytical) [Reports]
2004 Pottery kiln Development in Bundelkhand region a report (Phase I)
2004 Pottery kiln Development in Bundelkhand region a report (Phase ii)
2004 Report on Cook Stove Testing (Traditional / Improved)
2004 Soil Mapping Database for VSBK Suitability
2004 Capacity Building Consultancy for Domestic Defluoridation Units;  Situation Analysis Report  
2005 Report on The Scoping Study on Energy Efficiency and Conservation
2005 Water and environmental sustainability
2005 Detailed Project Report for Electrification of Village Supachuwa 
2006 Assessing & Mitigating Health Risks from Pollution by Small & Medium Scale Enterprises; Pilot Phase - Technical Report 2006 [Reports]
2006 Clean India: an environment assessment, advocacy and action programme
2006 TARA Shakti cook stove development report- lab to market
2006 Report on Performance of Metal Cookstoves Developed during international cookstove camp
2006 Fly-Ash Brick Moulding Technology Cost effective TARA Mech. Balaram
2006 Draft Report on Sub-regional Sustainable Development Strategy (SSDS) for South Asia
2006 Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln Technology Transfer Programme Establishment of Fire
2006 Experiences in Multiplying Success through Learning
2006 Stove Performance Testing Report - DRAFT
2007 Water Resources in Tikamgarh and Jhansi Districts A Status Report (Supported by Arghyam)
2007 Study of Effectiveness and User Acceptance of Activated Alumina Based Hand Pump Attached and Domestic Defluoridation Units [Reports]
2007 South Asia Environment Outlook 2007; DRAFT Report
2007 Towards Water Security All and Always in Bundelkhand Region - Catalyzing Local Action Quarterly Progress Report Submitted to Argyam Trust [Reports]
2007 Clean - India ( Narrative Report)
2007 Packaging Water Delivery Service through Jal TARA Filter in Enterprise mode
2007 Evaluation of Ongoing Plan Scheme of Research & Development of MoEF
2007 Requirement of Clean Lighting Solutions
2007 Greening of Brick Industry in the states of Chhattisgarh, M.P. and Jharkhand 
2007 Promotion of Bamboo Based Technologies in collaboration with NMBA
2007 Greening of brick industry Finalizing of Technology package on waste utilization with Datia soil: standardization mix ratio of stone dust with datia black soil
2007 Potential of community owned VSBK In Bundelkhand
2007 Programme for Advancement of Gender Equality; capacity building of self help groups 
2007 Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Housing and Rural infrastructure
2007 Demonstration of Sustainable Farming System for SC/ST in Niwari Block, District Tikamgarh [Reports]
2007 Promotion of Agri Based Livelihoods in Schedule Caste Community in Niwari Block
2007 Ipomea availability study report for a proposed biomass gasifier power plant(Unlimited Resource But Very Limited Usage)
2007 Potential for VSBK Soil Testing Maps
2007 Fly Ash Block Preparation  - R&D Report
2007 Soil Feasibility Analysis for VSBK -
2007 Recovering Markets - Ensuring Small Producers Participation in Agri-Food
2007 Participatory Need Assessment for Designing Capacity Building Initiatives
2007 Bhel Waste Utilization - R&D Report prepared for TNK, Datia
2007 Critical phase of the Karaikal project
2007 CLEAN (Community Led Environment Action Network ) – India Programme
2007 Community Environment Action for Sustainable Development (CEASD)
2007 Finalisation of a briquetting technology package- emphasizing large scale utilization of invasive biomass for energy needs of rural households
2008 Diagnostic Study of Balakati Brass & Bell Metal Cluster as pre feasibility study for REZ Project 
2008 Role of Indian NGOs in creating Business Opportunities for American Environmental ServicesFirms
2008 Utilization of Thermact - BR for Fuel Saving in TARA Ecokiln R&D Report
2008 ADB- Dust Control Options in Stone Crushing Enterprises
2008 Facilitating Partnerships for Environmentally Sound management of e-Waste in India
2008 Metal Shaft Completion
2008 Report Drought ‘State Advocacy Impact Programme” Village Gram Sabha Campaigning Report
2008 Strategic support Mission to Rajasthan Integrated Fluorosis Management Programme
2008 The Bricks to Success:Green Brick Moulding Unit:An Analysis
2008 Tiles of Empowerment-MCR Unit-An Analysis
2008 UDYAMITA SUVIDHA KENDRA-A new Paradigm of Livelihood
2009 Building a model Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln (VSBK) at village Baidyapur, Nadia, West Bengal for the economical, energy efficient and environment friendly manufacture of bricks.

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