Beehive Briquettes



Developed by
Iyer P V R  Professor
Rao T R  Professor

Chemical Engineering
Chemical Engineering

All types of woody and leafy biomass including pine needles, and agricultural residues of all kinds can be converted into briquettes. The biomass is charred (pyrolysed) in a drum charring unit. The carred mass is grouped to a proper size, mixed with water and suitable binder and made into a paste and allowed to partially dry. Briquettes of size 13 cm dia x 7.5 cm height and 16.5 cm dia x 7.5 cm height with nineteen holes in each are made in a specially made mould by filling the moulds with the mix and compressing them. These are allowed to sund dry. These briquettes can be burnt in a stove. They burn with a clean blue flame with no smoke. They are ideal for cooking and space heating. Each briquette can burn for 45 min - 1.5 hrs depending on the raw material. The use has been demonstrated in many hilly areas of Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal and Himachal Pradesh, where briquettes from pine needles, wood and agricultural residues were made. In several of these places the briquettes are made for self-use and for sale.

Special Features:
Use of waste biomass, briquettes simple to make, briquettes burn with a clean flame, no smoke or pollution, ideal for domestic cooking and space heating and ideal for villages.

Prospective Users:
Villagers and people in semi-urban areas

Biomass, charring, briquettes, clean flame

Type of Technology:
Product, Process

Briquetting : compacting

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