Phytoremediation - Heavy Metal Uptake by Plant Roots


Developed by
Mathur Shashi  Dr.
Civil Engineering

The yield of a crop and its development is a function of the quality and quantity of water supplied to to the crop in the root zone in order to accurately simulate crop growth, it is very important to accurately simulate the movement of water and the solute (heavy metal ions) through a soil and its eventual uptake by slant roots. Among the various toxic substances that contaminate plants and enter the fool-chain, thereby posing health problems to human beings, heavy metals are particularly severe in their action. The behavior of heavy metals present in sewage industrial wastes in that are used in agriculture practices has been the center of much attention during the last decade. This study develops a methodology to simulate transport of cadmium in soil water and its uptake by plant roots. The transient unsaturated water flow regulation with a root extraction term in coupled with mass transport equation and mass balance of solute concentration. The model also take root-soil water flow solute movement model yields a set of partial differential equations that are solved using numerical techniques.

Special Features:
The model predicts the uptake of solute and takes into account macrosupic water flow equation and solute transparent equation. The model also includes root water and solute extraction terms.

Prospective users
Agricultural Scientists, Civil Engineers working on treatment of contaminated sorts

Extraction function, Water uptake, root growth, root distribution solute, diffusion, advective-dispersive equation rooting Department

Type of Technology:

Status of IPR Protection:

Phyto remediation- a diverse & emerging technology that uses green plants to clean up contaminated environmental media; Hydraulic Containment- use of plants to control the migration & flow of pore water shallow groundwater and contaminants dissolved in groundwater.

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