Solar Cooker - Compact Box Type


Developed by
Sorayan V P S  Dr.
Center for Rural Development and Technology

A compact box type cooker has been developed for cooking food using the free for all solar energy during the day times on most sunny days. The maximum stagnation temperatures attained range from 115 Degree C- 135 Degree C and foods, such as rice cereals/pulses vegetables, milk preparation, cake etc. can be cooked with ease. Cooking time varies from 55 minutes - 2 hours depending upon the type of food stuff cooked. The solar cooker is being propagated under the subsidy scheme of the Ministry of Energy, Department of Non-conventional Energy sources, Govt. of India for popularization amongst the public.

Special Features
Cooking generally requires temperature around 100 Degree C. This can be easily achieved using a flat plate solar collector in a compact box type solar cooker. The box type solar cooker consists of a rectangular box insulated at the bottom and sides and two glass covers at top. A single glass reflector whose inclination can be varied is attached to the box. Solar cooker has certain advantages over other conventional cooking devices :important ones listed as:It uses solar energy free for all available in day time cooking done slowly and food is more nutritious, It does not requires any care and attendance when cooking is in progress, It can also used as oven for baking and keeping the food hot.

Prospective Users:
Majority of poor family of Rural and Urban Sectors.

Solar cooker, solar collector, reflector, compact box, insulation, nutrient food.

Type of Technology:

Status of IPR Protection:
The testing of the equipment is in process

Cooking time:Time taken for cooking food in a solar cooker for a particular food material is defined as a cooking time in hours. Time taken for cooking depends upon the type of cereal, vegetables or meat and varies from one and half hours to two and half hours on a clear sunny day. Double Glass Cover :The double glass cover act as a heat trap and does not allow the heat loss to atmosphere. It is this heat that is used for cooking the food

For further informatiom, Please contact directly the faculty member/inventor under intimation to Managing Director, FITT, sengupta@fitt.iitd.ernet.in.