Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SCFE) Technology For Agro-Product's Extracts


Developed by
Maheshwari R C  Professor
Naik S N  Dr.
Gupta A K  Professor
Kundra T K  Professor
Center for Rural Development and Technology
Center for Rural Development and Technology
Chemical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

Extracts from agro-products like spices, herbs, aromatic plants, and medicinal plants are used for various end use applications such as cosmetics, flavours, medicines, perfumes, etc. Presently used extraction methods like Solvent Extraction have number of disadvantages like lower efficiency, lower yield, lower purity of product, longer processing time, etc. In order to overcome these limitations the Super-Critical Fluid Extraction (SCFE) technology has been developed. This development is a joint effort of a team of professionals from different department such as the Department/ Center for Rural Development & Technology, Department of Chemical Engineering and the Department of Mechanical Engineering all from Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi.

Special Features
Product is superior in quality; Higher Yield; Extracts with delicacy and freshness close to natural; No residual solvent; High potency of active components; Free of biological contaminants Longer shelf life; Ability to fractionate extract in single step; Flexibility to extract multiple products by changing operating conditions; Carbon-di-Oxide as solvent: safe for natural products

Prospective Users:
Manufacturers of Spice oils and oleoresins; Essential oils: flavors and fragrances; Herbal medicines; Food colours and preservatives Vitamin E (tocopherols); Cholesterol free food products; Decaffeinated coffee and tea; Natural pesticides.

Extraction, Critical, Oleoresins, Carbon-di-Oxide.

Type of Technology:

Status of IPR Protection:
Copyright No. FT/05/044/98

Status of Development:
Development carried out in a laboratory and pilot plant having of 500 ml and 10 litres capacity reaction vessels respectively. Designs for 1 mt/day SCFE plant were given to 2 parties at U.P. and Chand

Services offered by Technology Transfer:
Knowhow document describing the process, raw material requirement, process parameters, quality contr
Plant & Equipment design; Feasibility and project reports; Consultancy services relating to technolo
Supply of SCFE Plants on a Turnkey basis; Process and Product Development; Project Feasibility Analy
Selection / Choice of Viable Products; Selection of Optimum Plant Configuration; Trouble shooting an

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