Biomass Gasifier System



Developed by
Iyer P V R  Professor
Rao T R  Professor

Chemical Engineering
Chemical Engineering

Gasifier Action Research Project RP01066 at Chemical Engineering Department of IIT Delhi has developed village level gasifier system of 5, 10 and 20 HP based on partially pyrolysed biomass fuels. Gasifier systems convert biomass into producer gas, which is then intoroduced into diesel engines. Injection of the gas results in reduction of diesel consumption in engines by 65 to 75%. These systems have been effectively utilized for rural electrification using locally available agro-forestry residues. The gas can also be used for thermal applications in furnaces, stoves, heaters etc. Biomass material is partially pyrolysed (carbonized) in the drum charring unit. It is sized and fed to the gasifier where heating is initiated using the hand blower. The producer gas is cooled and cleaned in the hydro-separator before it enters the surge tank. The gas is then either burnt directly or fed to the engine-pump / alternator set as per requirement. Biomass Fuel As biomass fuel, many type of local agro-forestry residues having ash content less than 4-5 percent on dry basis. Corn Cobs - Lantana Camara Weeds - Arhar Dal Stalk - Twigs of Bushy Plants and Trees - Bhimal & others can be used.

Special Features:
Simplicity of construction, easy maintenance - all internal parts easily approachable and replaceable, No moving parts except the engine, Low cost due to mild steel construction except 3-4 air inlet tubes of stainless steel, Quick start up within 15 minutes after feed charging, Simple and reliable operation - one day training, Charring route - tar free - no choking of engine, Provision of smokeless fuel as additional output.

Prospective Users:
Industries for electrical and thermal applications.

Gasifier, biomass, charring, electrical, thermal.

Type of Technology:

Gasifier : converts soild fuel into a gaseous fuel.

For further informatiom, Please contact directly the faculty member/inventor under intimation to Managing Director, FITT, sengupta@fitt.iitd.ernet.in.