Wind Energy Converters With Accelerating Nozzles for Low Power Applications


Developed by
Bhatti T S  Dr.

Center for Energy Studies

In India the wind speed is low, of the order of 2-5 m/s in many areas where the agricultural electric demand is considerable. It is difficult to extract a sufficient power to run pumps etc. at this low wind velocity. The prototype under development is based on the principle of wind velocity amplification using air concentrated nozzles. The product will consist of fixed nozzles which will amplify the wind velocity. The direction will be site specific. A vertical rotor with 6 blades will act as a wind turbine. The shaft will be connected to a synchronous generator through a step-up gear arrangement. To achieve continuity and stability of the power produced, a battery inverter system will be tested on the prototype system.

Special Features

Prospective Users:
Wind energy, wind velocity amplification

Solar Water Heating, Domestic Solar Water Heater, Industrial Solar Water Heater.

Type of Technology:

Status of IPR Protection:

Patent to be filed

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